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what are the new COVID-19 bivalent “Omicron” vaccine boosters?

  • The virus that causes COVID-19 changes over time. Keep your protection up to date by getting an updated COVID-19 vaccine booster. The updated COVID-19 vaccine boosters include components of the original virus strain and the Omicron variant: 1/2 of the dose targets the original COVID-19 virus strain and the other 1/2 of the dose targets the highly contagious Omicron variants that account for most current cases. This is called a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine.

  • The updated COVID-19 vaccine boosters are designed to give you broad protection against COVID-19, including better protection against the Omicron variant.

  • COVID-19 vaccines can help protect against severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19. As the virus changes and your immunity naturally decreases over time, you may lose some of that protection.

  • A single booster dose with an updated bivalent COVID-19 vaccine is designed to provide broad protection against COVID-19 and better protection against COVID-19 caused by the currently circulating Omicron variant.

  • If you are eligible for an updated COVID-19 vaccine booster, the updated booster you receive does not need to be from the same manufacturer that made the vaccine you received for your primary vaccination or previous booster.