About Pliable


Pliable is an organization focused on the provision of mindfully-driven healthcare.


To be mindful is to intentionally cultivate awareness, bring attention to the present moment, observe through a nonjudgmental lens, and with an attitude that is curious, open, and kind.

To deliver healthcare through a mindful lens is to be patient-centered and compassionately aware of the many facets impacting the human experience.

The Now: mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinics

We aim to timely and equitably increase access to the COVID-19 vaccine in underserved and disproportionately impacted groups in Washington state.


We are mobile. We distribute COVID-19 vaccinations to communities with a mindful framework, and in a trusted environment that is not only geographically accessible, but also culturally sensitive.


Our present focus is on filling access gaps, identifying specific population barriers, and adapting care delivery to achieve optimal health outcomes.  


SUPPORT Pliable:

We are a self-funded operation. It is with deep gratitude that we are now accepting donations to our GoFundMe. ALL proceeds go to medical supplies :


Next Steps: ~healing~

Over the next two years, we hope to support our communities in healing from the trauma that COVID-19 has left in it's path.


Through creative delivery of mindfulness-meets-neuroscience-based educational programs, we will work to strengthen individual and community mental and physical wellness.  

To be pliable is to flex and flow with life’s challenges, to build resilience, and to thrive despite adversity. 

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Nurse Practitioner | CoFounder

 Interests:  mindfulness, camping, gardening


Nurse Practitioner | CoFounder

 Interests:  breathwork , travel, coffee

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